The emotional impact

The art of communication

Digital communication strategy

Digital communication has become essential to ensure the prosperity of a business.

Digital communication (also called WEB communication) is the essential tool for the notoriety and prosperity of companies.

La crise sanitaire que le monde a connue n’a fait que renforcer le besoin de ce type de communication. De nouveaux modes et habitudes de consommations, de besoins d’informations et de manière de travailler sont nés ou se sont considérablement renforcés.

Digital communication is a field of communication sciences which refers to all actions aimed at disseminating messages through digital media, Web, social media, mobile application or others.It differs from traditional communication by its constant evolution in terms of uses and technologies.Many companies, whatever their fields of activity, have not yet realized the importance and the stake of digital communication. It is high time that this awareness finally took place.

Martial Fragnière

Creative communication

J’ai la chance d’avoir eu une carrière bien remplie dans l’informatique, puis les arts appliqués et la communication où j’ai acquis une gamme étendue de compétences.

With this extraordinary background, I decided to create NagaWeb in order to share my know-how, my experience and my creativity with as many companies or freelancers as possible, in order to help them better understand this mode of communication.


The lesson of Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has vividly demonstrated the considerable difference between companies that were able to bet on digital communication very early on and those that were not prepared for it. This highlights the competitive advantages of being able to rely on an effective digital communication strategy, because those who had made the choice of digital fared better. It is essential not to miss the irreversible turning point that is taking place in the way companies should communicate and to seize the opportunity to adopt new ways of communicating by going digital.

The accessibility of your universe

The magic of digital communication is that it is accessible 24 hours a day, every day of the year, regardless of the user's geographic location.

The nobility of sharing

Sharing is the noblest way to communicate.

There is no better way to capture, engage and retain customers. We will help you bring your customers or prospects into your universe by sharing with you our skills and our know-how.

Nagaweb puts at your service:

  • His creativity
  • His passion for digital communication
  • His know how
  • His expertise
  • His long experience in the field
  • His network of experts and partners

NagaWeb is also available for independent and objective professional expertise (audit).


Notoriety feeds on communication

Whether in the production of goods or services, it is imperative to make yourself known in order to create the link between supply and demand. A strong notoriety will naturally generate a significant increase in turnover. It will also generate renewed interest and build the confidence of customers or prospects.


Visual identity

Visual identity is inseparable from branding because it defines your universe. It must have an impact to showcase your company and increase its notoriety. Digital communication is ideal for conveying your visual identity.

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Corporate identity

The brand image also called Brand management or Branding is the representation perceived by the public of a company or an institution. Here again, digital communication has a central role to play in your overall communication.

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The best vector

Depuis l’avènement des tablettes et téléphones portables comme véritables terminaux de communications,
la communication numérique est devenue le vecteur le plus dynamique et économique vous permettant de diffuser vos informations et vos valeurs via le web.

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To communicate is to exist

Being different from others makes us unique

Marketing and communication go hand in hand. Nowadays, communication is an essential engine of growth and no company or institution exists without the visibility that embodies it. In other words, communication enables your business to exist.
Digital communication is de facto the most relevant way to communicate to reach the target anytime and anywhere.

Important points

01. Digital communication is an art

Communication is not easy and not necessarily obvious. Most of the time, there is a panel of target customers, so you have to adapt the message to each target.

Draw your own path

Don’t be afraid to trace your own path because trying to follow the "others" is often synonymous with failure.

03. Show your difference

Each company or structure is different, which is why it is absolutely necessary to communicate on its specificity and digital communication is the ideal tool for this as the possibilities are endless.

04. Creativity above all else

Digital communication offers incredible prospects, which is why it is imperative to be creative.

05. Emotional intelligence
Emotion must be at the heart of communication.
The expression emotional intelligence refers to the ability to detect, analyze, understand and possibly use the emotions of target customers to optimize the effectiveness of their communication.
06. Tools
The website is the essential reference tool that allows Internet users to form an opinion on your business.
Social networks (the main digital communication channel) create interactivity and relational dynamics.
Blog, mobile application and emailing are other possible vectors.

Creativity at the center

Pierce the mundane to find the marvelous

Aujourd’hui, dans la communication, le besoin de créativité est de plus en plus fort. L’impact de la créativité est plus considérable depuis que les entreprises sont exposées à un environnement très complexe: une concurrence forte, des consommateurs imprévisibles, une technologie qui avance à grands pas. Leur pérennité dans ce contexte est tributaire de leur capacité à créer et innover dans tous les domaines et particulièrement celui de la communication numérique pour surmonter certains défis
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Currently, supply exceeds demand, there is market saturation, which is why we must offer real added value through communication, and this is where creativity takes on its full meaning by allowing real differentiation. And creativity then becomes a real competitive advantage.

Creativity is daring while consciously breaking free from established norms. To create is the ability to imagine and implement a new concept, a new object or to discover an original solution to a problem.

Le paysage de la communication est en pleine mutation et offre une toute nouvelle palette de moyens et vecteurs d’expressions. Se montrer créatif est le plus sûr moyen pour les entreprises de se différentier, de sortir du lot. Ce sont des innovations technologiques performantes qui ne doivent pas masquer la dimension émotionnelle et humaine pour une communication réussie.

This corresponds to my operation

According to Steve Jobs:
« Creativity is simply making connections between things. When you ask creative people how they achieved this or that, they feel a little bit guilty because they didn't really do it, they just saw something. It jumped out at them, simply because they are able to relate the different experiences they have had and synthesize new things.”

centre of expertise

Unity is strength

Digital communication requires a substantial amount of highly specialized skills and know-how. WEB techniques, applied arts, writing techniques and communication sciences. Nagaweb specializes in the science of communication and joined the competence center in order to offer the widest range of solutions and services to its customers.

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